Six Things You Do That Make Cats Secretly Hate You

What do cats hate?

Cats are picky animals, they look nice, playful, and often sleepy, but they appear annoyed at other times and do not want to be tampered with.

Many of us think it’s very nice to play with our cats, and carry them every opportunity we get, but there are some things we like to do with cats that they don’t, and this article will explain the things that you do and thus make your cat secretly hate you.

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Cats hate being carried like babies

Some cats like to lie on your lap or to be carried and hugged when you come home, but they hate to be carried like children and make sure whenever they have the opportunity to return to the ground, carrying them like children makes matters worse compared to carrying them with good physical support from you, although It may sound cute, cats never like it, and if you don’t want to give up this habit, try to hold your cat at least for a short period of time, rather than holding it for a long time, which increases its stress.

Cats hate taking pictures of them all the time

You probably love taking pictures of your cat a lot, but you’re not aware that cats don’t like to point their phones at them all the time. With them as a reward for those photos.

Cats hate eye contact

Cats communicate through their eyes, and for them, eye contact means to control and influence. and emotion, which indicates that she does not feel threatened.

Cats hate to camouflage them

Cats usually camouflage to communicate with humans only and not with each other, so they do not wait for us to exchange the same sound. Many meowing sounds you use to get our attention.

According to Dr. Gary Weitzman, President, and CEO of the San Diego Humane Society and the Society for the Prevention of Animal Abuse, when we respond to the meow of our cats as well, it is an experience of bonding, and we usually think of it as a positive interaction between a person and his pet, but cats do not know exactly what we want from them When making those sounds, or what idea we want to communicate to them.

Cats hate milk

Most cats do not tolerate the lactose present in milk, which makes what is rumored about cats’ love of milk just a rumor, as it will cause them stomach problems and discomfort within 8 to 12 hours of consuming it, and although cats drink milk as soon as possible. Put it in front of her, but it will do her more harm than good.

Cats hate being dressed up

If your cat writhes, dodges, and resists wearing clothes, you must know that most cats do not like that and its do not like to have anything above their fur or dander, because they do not need clothes in addition to the fact that clothes are not comfortable and restrictive, but if Your cat was not bothered by it and had to dress it for an occasion or event that required it, make sure that the clothes allow her to move comfortably and easily and enable her to relieve herself.

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